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From unobtrusive to outstanding!

Stand out from the crowd and be unique!

Scenarios such as these are certainly the nightmare of any entrepreneur:

Just before entering the market, you realise that you don't exactly know how you want to be visible in the market. Convincing core messages for the marketing of a new performance offer are missing. Employees must be convinced of innovations or changes, while the daily business must be kept going.


Whether on account of insufficient experience, the absence of resources or simply a lack of time. It takes time for you to get established on the market, for new things to take effect or for you to be seen. But one thing applies for everything: A poor basis can destroy so much. And at some point, quick fixes also no longer help. The consequences can barely be calculated realistically - which is precisely what makes it so difficult.


Did you know?

A successful marketing is the foundation for your success!

It is never too late!

To strengthen your marketing

From unobtrusive to striking


Roll up your sleeves and get going. That's what I stand for. Because it is very important to me that my customers are seen, convince their target groups and are conspicuous in their market!

From meaningless to interesting


Many performance offers are dull and unattractive. But that's not enough for a successful marketing. What's especially close to my heart is that my customers should be interesting for their customers!

From exchangeable to unique


Uniqueness is impossible? Not at all! Every company has its own "sweat spots", i.e. strengths and particularities. I show them to my customers and highlight their uniqueness!

From commonly to outstanding


Everyone can do ordinary. I do not stop until my customers are exceptional. That may certainly take a while, but the attractiveness of my customers is what drives and keeps me pushing.

There is much to learn

People perform extraordinary services. What drives me now? What do I stand for? What is my story? What makes me special?

Ingenious concepts. Great success.

Who actually is .....

.... Imre Szerdahelyi?

I am a Foundation developer

I am a Simplifier

I am a Project arranger.

I am a Value creator.

A robust and distinctive foundation is the basis for business success.

Imre Szerdahelyi

Have I sparked your Interest?

I am happy to support entrepreneurs, small business, start-ups and SMEs: Concepts for Marketing and Communication + Press & Public Relations + Brand Management + Positioning of Management, Leaders & Teams + International Marketing + Social Media + Internal Communication + Change, Sustainability & Comliance + Employer Branding + Website/SEO + Graphic/Design + Project Management.

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