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"The good questioner is already half answered"

Friedrich Nietzsche

What qualifications do you have?

Everything I can do, I learned from scratch. My passion for marketing and corporate communication developed during my studies of economics at the University of Würzburg, focussing mainly on marketing and communication, with several internships at reputable agencies and companies. For 25 years I have been working passionately at national and international market and technology leaders and I know the companies inside out. During this time, for 12 years I had worldwide responsibility for brand management, marketing, corporate communication and investor relations. I always built up a strong and distinctive foundation, which I then upgraded and developed further so that it held up even when faced with realignments, changes and crises.

Why should I work with you?

I want to help you to achieve your targets and make your projects successful. It should become easier, better and more convenient for you. In good and bad times or in times of change. For each of my customers I give everything and want to achieve the best for them. For this purpose, I use my experience and my knowledge of national market and technology leaders, and also as a globally responsible management personality. Without theoretical banter, but strategically, actively and passionately.

How long will you accompany us?

The duration of our cooperation will be agreed individually in accordance with your requirements. I will support you as long as is necessary for us to achieve your specified project objective. Strategically, actively and passionately. In any event, the result must be impressive.

How long will it take for the measures to take effect?

If we process a single individual project, implementation may be possible within a few days. For example, if I support you in preparing press, employee or customer information. If we work together strategically and, for example, develop concepts and campaigns, before the start and implementation we must plan time for the establishment of a secure and distinctive foundation. A project plan that guarantees compliance with your requirements and target schedule will serve as a basis. All of which, of course, does not exclude "quick wins".

What level of investment should I expect?

Unless respective offers are made (on the homepages or, your costs will depend on your requirements and our project agreement. My hourly and daily rates are clear and fair. They will provide you with over 25 years of experience and knowledge from more than 3000 projects with national and global technology leaders and for my customers, as well as 12 years of management competence in globally operating departments and national and international project teams. I will honour our agreements.

Do you offer other services?

There is actually nothing that I haven't done in the areas of brand management, marketing, corporate communication and investor relations. The best thing is to simply ask me. I can either help you myself or I would bring in experts from my network, or network you with them.

How many hours will you dedicate to us each month?

That depends on your requirements. I am glad to be there for you. We can define our cooperation on the basis of small, everyday projects, or in event of big projects we can plan my work for you in accordance with our jointly devised concept. It is also possible that we conclude a framework contract that guarantees you not only a minimum amount of work on my part, for example ten hours or three days per month, but also ensures a small cost benefit.

What happens if the concept or measures do not work?

In the event that we do not, or not immediately, achieve the stated project objective, we must jointly ask ourselves questions and examine the aspects that have not functioned. Were the set tasks sufficiently concrete? Have market, customer or framework conditions changed during the implementation? Are other or additional measures purposeful? Only in this way will we be able to adjust the arrangements and implementation and make improvements.

What is the minimum duration required for cooperation?

A minimum duration for cooperation is defined by your objectives and requirements, as well as the concept I have devised for you, which we will jointly discuss and agree on. In the event of small projects or individual orders, the cooperation can be accordingly short-term.

What does the concept and foundation involve altogether?

In particular in the starting and foundation phase, it is important that your market appearance should be robust and distinctive. This helps to position and define you in an intensively competitive market, but also to make your strengths and the added value of your product and performance offer visible. We will work this out together and thus create the basis for you to be able to successfully develop your business. I will be glad to accompany you also in your further development and in growth by strengthening your operational business and processing everyday projects.

Do you work exclusively with SMEs?

No. I also help entrepreneurs, small businesses as well as start-ups (

Do you work with performance packages?

When this is appropriate, I do. Please see the following websites for information: or

Can you also use social media?

Yes, I can. I have my own accounts on LinkedIN, Xing, Facebook and Twitter, and I have also set up channels on social media for customers. For special cases, however, I can always consult experts on my network.


Do you also offer workshops?

Yes, certainly. This is often even a necessary and profitable basis for a project, in particular if you want to build up a stable and distinctive foundation. I am glad to take charge of preparing, moderating and implementing a workshop, as well as to take care of the follow-up work. All in close coordination with you.

Can you also provide support for international markets?

Yes, certainly. In particular during my time as a globally responsible marketing and communication manager, I actively supported market entries in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas, established market appearances and subsequently developed them further. This also involved the creation of locally active and committed teams, the alignment of all activities with local market and customer requirements, as well as the positioning and strengthening of locally responsible managers, both internally and externally.

Have I sparked your Interest?

I am happy to support entrepreneurs, small business, start-ups and SMEs: Concepts for Marketing and Communication + Press & Public Relations + Brand Management + Positioning of Management, Leaders & Teams + International Marketing + Social Media + Internal Communication + Change, Sustainability & Comliance + Employer Branding + Website/SEO + Graphic/Design + Project Management.

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