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Heidi Reinhardt
Managing Director

„If your marketing and your corporate communication are to reflect your market position and your brand, then you must work with Imre Szerdahelyi. He convinces with unique concepts. The best part is that your company will stand out clearly from other competitors.“

Marion Laue_100
Marion Laue
Managing Director

"With his experience and passionate commitment to us and our target groups, Imre has paved the way for our success as a small but fine printing, shipping and logistics company. He developed a sound marketing plan for us and was instrumental in helping us build our branding. Imre also supported us energetically and prudently during the integration of Druck-Punkt into the new company TRI-Punkt."
Tri-Punkt Solutions GmbH

We highly appreciate the collaboration!"

Imre has supported us comprehensively with his marketing- and communications consulting since the founding of our mechanical engineering start-up: from the development of our brand and our market presence, the development and implementation of the marketing strategy, and especially the increase in our level of awareness. He is always personally available to our team, provides qualified advice, takes systematic action, and convinces with targeted project management. We appreciate the cooperation very much and look forward to Imre continuing to accompany us on our way to becoming a successful medium-sized B2B company.

Bengt Schmidt
Bengt Schmidt, Founder and CEO

Plastivation Machinery GmbH

Marc Buttmann

"Very precise, effective marketing consulting. Good understanding of our sometimes quite complex market and customer structure. The collaboration was very helpful in opening up our (unfortunately often) quite distorted inside view and taking the customer view more into account. We will certainly continue to work together in the future." 
TerraNova Energy GmbH

Barbara Kobler

"After our merger, Imre helped us sharpen the strengths of the ROCKBIRD brand and enhance our market presence. Our new value proposition, "Empowering your fleet," inspires our customers. And us, of course."

Stefan Sponer

"Projects that can't run alongside and above all need the right partners in addition to a lot of empathy and knowledge! A new website for "my" swimming club is not something that can be done quickly. Thanks to Imre and his website partner Heidi Reinhardt for the goal-oriented and professional work with a strong market presence as a result".
Wasserratten Fürstenfeldbruck

Astrid Meyer-Krumenacker

"Imre Szerdahelyi convinced me with his expertise in marketing and communication. With a sure grasp, he finds the right wording, especially for complex and emotionally charged topics such as compliance and whistleblower systems. Aboce all for the now necessary introduction of whistleblower systems in SMEs, a well-constructed communication strategy is essential. For this, Imre Szerdahelyi is the right address."

"Highly recommended!"

"Imre Szerdahelyi creates a spirit of optimism together with the management and teams and provides the platform to adopt a new attitude. Internal communication improves, change processes succeed. Strategy and goal focus set him apart as a communication and marketing expert."

Ute Meiborg_100
Ute Meiborg

Business-Coach für gesunde Leistungsfähigkeit

Viktor Sandor_100
Prof. Dr. Viktor Sander
TH Rosenheim

"Very efficient and effective design of our marketing project at the technical university of Rosenheim for attracting students to study business mathematics-actuarial sciences."

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