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Heidi Reinhardt
Managing Director

„If your marketing and your corporate communication are to reflect your market position and your brand, then you must work with Imre Szerdahelyi. He convinces with unique concepts. The best part is that your company will stand out clearly from other competitors.“

Astrid Meyer-Krumenacker

„With his expertise in marketing and communication, Imre Szerdahelyi convinced me. He has an instinct for finding the right formulations, in particular with regard to complex and emotionally charged topics such as compliance and whistleblower systems. A well-constructed communication strategy is indispensable for the now necessary introduction of whistleblower systems for SMEs. Imre Szerdahelyi is the right address for this purpose.“

"Highly recommended!"

„Imre Szerdahelyi, together with the management and teams, creates a spirit of optimism and provides the platform for adopting a new attitude. Internal communication improves, change processes succeed. Strategy and target orientation distinguish him as a communication and marketing expert."

Ute Meiborg_100
Ute Meiborg
Business coach for healthy performance

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