My value proposition:

I'll make you outstanding.

When? How?

Start-up and foundation Further development Change

Successful marketing at all times

The foundation of a company, its further development and management, entail many challenges, as well as stumbling blocks.

One often focuses only on oneself and the optimisation of one's own presentation – and forgets the requirements and expectations of employees, customers and other relevant stakeholders.

But it could be so much easier. Whether with your start-up and foundation phase, the further development and new alignment, or in phases of change and crisis: I will help you with concepts and measures from brand management, marketing and corporate communication. You will thus elevate your business opportunities and implement small and large projects successfully.

In addition, I will help you to upgrade and make your own profile distinctive, to make yourself more visible, to strengthen the appeal to your stakeholders, as well as to gain internal and external advocates, multipliers and ambassadors for your projects and targets. Sounds great, doesn't it?


I am also an upgrader, complexity reducer, impulse provider and sparring partner

These are my strengths



I am a passionate practitioner and learned my trade from scratch. I therefore know that a solid foundation is the essence of all measures. After all, you cannot build a solid house on sand. It won't work. My focus: I will create your foundation in a manner that is very targeted and tailored only to your business model. Solid. Robust. Long-lasting.



The times are dynamic. New trends and innovations must be anchored. Systems, structures and processes must be improved. Ongoing measures sometimes just need a shove! There are many reasons to optimise, adjust or modernise. No problem, somehow I've already done everything at some time. I will strengthen your project management and promote the cooperation with departments, partners and service-providers. Something can always be done. Definitely!



What use is the best foundation if the further structure does not fit? Precisely! None. It is therefore important to develop a concept that upgrades the existing foundation. To me, it is important that you do not get complicated ideas or abstract suggestions that are neither implementable nor purposeful. As I said: I am a practitioner. So, lets pull up our sleeves and get to work. It works!



Whether employees, solo-entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, managers, managing directors or owners. I am excellent at communicating at eye level.
I'm not patting myself on the back, but it's based on experience from my cooperation with people at all levels in the hierarchy. Nationally and internationally. Of course, in my cooperation with my customers, great sensitivity and diplomacy are often required. Personal appreciation is always the top priority.



You surely know this too: Often, you cannot see the wood for the trees. Already tried everything: new ideas, new concepts, new approaches. But things are still not working out. Here you sometimes just need a push from outside or a switch to another track. That's where I come into play. I try a change of perspective and provide food for thought. And if things still don't work out, we will immerse ourselves even deeper and you will get a comprehensive concept. That's a promise!



No pain, no gain. If you don't know where you want to go, you shouldn't be surprised if you end up somewhere else. There are lots of proverbs and philosophies. But one thing I know for sure: In order to be successful, attitudes and behaviour must be right. For everyone involved. Whether for setting up and further developing the marketing, but in particular in times of change and crisis. That's why I think outside the box, I am curious and open for new things and love challenges. My position is clear: My customers must be successful.


Is that a promise?

My mission? My vision? Oh dear. I'll keep it simple and not theoretical: "I want to make my customers outstanding" - this is my motto, my performance promise. Why? Well, something worth seeing and attractive is a "must see"! And for this I build on basic principles that characterise the cooperation with my customers.

That's my promise!

Honest and decent: What I say I mean. Without ulterior motives. And always at eye level and with respect. And even if it is harsh: I prefer it if my customers tell me when they are dissatisfied, that my call annoys them, or if there are no tasks pending. Fair and reliable: Yes, my services cost money. And I want this investment to be purposeful and to pay off. For my customers. My handshake counts. Whatever is agreed, I can be relied on to keep to it. With integrity and loyal: I will listen. I must know where customers stand and where they want to go. Words must then be followed by action, the right thing must be done and promises delivered. Responsibly and reliably. Only then can lasting common bonds be created.


Executives positioned


Concepts created


Projects implemented

Have I sparked your Interest?

I am happy to support entrepreneurs, small business, start-ups and SMEs: Concepts for Marketing and Communication + Press & Public Relations + Brand Management + Positioning of Management, Leaders & Teams + International Marketing + Social Media + Internal Communication + Change, Sustainability & Comliance + Employer Branding + Website/SEO + Graphic/Design + Project Management.

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